A Focused Approach to Your Physical Therapy Needs

Welcome to Physical Therapy Focus! In a day and age where you have many choices for your health care needs, we thank you for considering Physical Therapy Focus for your rehabilitation. At Physical Therapy Focus, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality care in a professional and caring manner. We believe that listening to each patient’s needs and delivering exceptional quality care and customer service is what ultimately helps them achieve the best clinical outcomes.

Our Physical Therapists are Doctorate-level trained and have continued to actively pursue advanced education and clinical skills. This ensures that we are delivering Evidence-Based Practice that supports the most current literature in the Physical Therapy profession. While our clinical focus is correcting biomechanical dysfunction and treating disease process and injury, we strongly believe in educating every patient on how to manage their pain, become independent with return to function, and minimize the risk of re-injury.

We value the continuity of your care and individualized progression of your Physical Therapy sessions. For this reason, you will work with the same therapist every time, and your treatment sessions are 100% one-on-one, unlike many other therapy clinics. We are excited for the opportunity to work together with you to achieve your Physical Therapy goals, and maximize your functional mobility. Welcome!

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